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Bioscience Policy in Texas

I recently had a chance to attend the Texas Healthcare & Bioscience Institute's 2017 Fall Policy Summit.  The event, held in Austin, brought together a number of stakeholders in the biotechnology sector.  There are a number of pharmaceutical and medical device companies emerging from efforts in Texas.  It is exciting to see the advancement of [...]


Physician Practice Mergers – What Is Involved?

Physicians Practice Mergers in Pearland Texas

Over the past five or more years, physicians practice mergers have risen according to industry studies. For financial and many other reasons, more doctors are employed by hospitals. Solo practices have been declining and many are merging with others to form larger, more financially stable practices.

The process [...]

What HR Issues Does Your Medical Practice Face?

Health Law Attorneys in Pearland Texas

One of the biggest challenges that physicians practices currently face is recruiting and retaining the best staff to keep your practice efficient and profitable. Health law attorneys note that practices are busier than ever, which requires attention to regulations in order to comply with ACA and HIPAA rules.


What Is The Texas Medical Board’s License Enforcement Process?

Medical License Defense in Pearland Texas

If you are a practicing physician in the State of Texas, you are required to practice in accordance with all rules and regulations set forth by the Texas Medical Board (TMB). If a complaint is filed against you, it is in your best interest to seek the assistance [...]

What Are The 4 Guiding Principles of Medical Ethics?

Medical Litigation in Pearland Texas

Anyone who works in the medical industry is responsible for providing ethical and lawful service to all patients. From a legal standpoint, you risk facing healthcare legal concerns that could lead to medical litigation if you do not observe such responsibilities.

To avoid these problems and not require [...]

Doctors And Employment Agreements – 5 Key Considerations!

Physicians Employment Agreements in Pearland Texas

When you begin negotiations for a physicians employment contract prior to accepting a new position, it is important that you use this time to your best advantage. To achieve the best results from such negotiations, you must understand the key factors that will affect your employment.

Consider the important [...]

Physicians – What Legal And Ethical Concerns Do You Face?

Physicians Lawyers in Pearland Texas

If you practice medicine today, you face a number of legal and ethical concerns that can affect the services you provide to your patients. Whether you have your own medical practice or work for someone else, physicians lawyers stress the importance of understanding these issues.

Attorneys who represent [...]

How Do I Handle My Medical Practice Retirement?

Physicians Practices in Houston Texas

You have dedicated years of your life providing compassionate care to thousands of patients; now you are looking forward to a comfortable retirement. As ready as you may be to hang up your stethoscope for good, there are certain responsibilities that retiring owners of physicians practices must still [...]

Request to Remove Opioid Medication

Opioids are drugs that act on the nervous system to relieve pain.  Continued use and abuse can lead to physical dependence and withdrawal symptoms.  Opana ER is among one of the many opioid drugs in the market today.  Recently, FDA requested that the manufacturer voluntarily remove reformulated Opana ER from the market.  FDA has made [...]


Why Do I Need To Sign A Physician Employment Agreement?

Physician Employment Agreements in Houston Texas

Physician employment agreements are an essential part of any consideration when any doctor is seeking employment. Because of the complexity of various healthcare hiring and employment policies, physician employment negotiations can be very involved and require legal guidance.

Before accepting a position with any healthcare practice or hospital, you must [...]