We recently had an opportunity to present on the topic, “Not Safe For Work”, focusing on issues that healthcare providers face that can cause issues in their practices and offices.  We covered issues related to inappropriate relationships with patients, office harassment, alcohol and substance abuse, patient communication and social media pitfalls.  No sooner had we concluded our seminar than the Texas Medical Board issued a bulletin about a disciplinary issue.  A physician’s license was temporarily suspended for sexually assaulting a patient.

We believe that physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers need to be reminded of what can happen when their choices, or the choices of their colleagues, raises safety concerns for patients. No doubt, we will be presenting on this topic again soon.  Thanks to all who participated.

If you feel you or someone you know could benefit from this type of presentation, contact our office so that we can explore with you how and when to get you access.  Not all activity is safe for work.