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Do I Need Healthcare Attorneys For My Healthcare Business?

If you own a health care practice business, you may be wondering whether or not you need the services of health care law attorneys. The medical industry is very complex today, with many safety, security, and privacy issues to contend with. While you may have lawyers advising you on [...]

How Do I Handle Patient Complaints And Keep My Medical License?

Medical License Defense in Houston Texas

Patient complaints are something that every physician may face and require the services of medical license defense lawyers. If you have received patient complaints, you may be subject to a board investigation. Although the chance of being investigated is relatively small, doctors who receive certain types or large [...]

Not Safe For Work

We recently had an opportunity to present on the topic, "Not Safe For Work", focusing on issues that healthcare providers face that can cause issues in their practices and offices.  We covered issues related to inappropriate relationships with patients, office harassment, alcohol and substance abuse, patient communication and social media pitfalls.  No sooner had we [...]


What Are The Best Cyber Attack Safeguards For HIPAA Compliance?

HIPAA Compliance in Houston Texas

Cybersecurity has become a chief concern when your healthcare business wants to uphold essential HIPAA compliance. Healthcare companies use a large amount of digital technology, all of which poses significant risks to data security and operating within HIPAA standards.

HIPAA compliance attorneys warn that you must avoid the [...]

Suspension for Intoxication

A physician licensed in the State of Texas must comply with the Texas Medical Practice Act and Texas Medical Board ("TMB") rules.  Physicians commit a prohibited practice if he or she use alcohol or drugs in an intemperate manner that, in the medical board's opinion, could endanger a patient's life.  Similarly, a physician who commits [...]

Physician Employment Contracts With Hospitals – Medical Records

Physicians Employment Contract Negotiations in Houston Texas

When considering employment with a hospital, there are a number of important factors to consider regarding physicians employment contract negotiations. In addition to agreements about compensation, termination, and restrictive covenants, doctors must also know if they will have access to patient medical records should they terminate this potential [...]

New Physicians – Looking At The Various Practice Settings

Physicians Employment Contract Negotiations in Houston Texas

Today there are many practice settings available to doctors looking for employment, each with their own appeal and challenges. To find the most satisfying employment, doctors should decide on the option that suits them best, then carefully negotiate their physicians employment agreements before accepting an employment offer from [...]

EMT + Fraud = New Residence

On April 24th, two brothers were sentenced to more than four years in federal prison for their convictions of conspiracy to commit health care fraud, health care fraud and money laundering. Kevin Olufemi Davies, 29, and his brother Melvin Olusola Davies, 28, who pled guilty in Dec. 2016, received their sentences.  U.S. District Judge Lynn Hughes [...]

Physician Employment Contracts With Hospitals – Termination!

Physician Employment Contract Negotiations in Houston Texas

Most professionals prefer not to think about the termination side of any employment contract; however, doing so is extremely important for physicians who are employed by hospitals. Since there are so many details that apply to employment termination, this topic must be discussed ahead of time during physician employment [...]

The 3 Key Areas of Physician HIPAA Compliance Risk!

HIPAA Compliance in Houston Texas

Today’s healthcare professionals deal with many challenges in protecting client information and meeting HIPAA compliance. As privacy laws continue to evolve, physicians attorneys are aware of three main areas where HIPAA compliance issues tend to arise. Specific attention must be paid to these areas and it may be necessary [...]