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HIPAA and Business Associates – What Are The Implications?

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Confidentiality and patient protection are a critical concern for all healthcare providers today. With strict privacy laws in place, healthcare providers HIPAA compliance is something that every practice and service must follow or face severe penalties. Yet these privacy laws extend to more than just those working within [...]

Physicians and Employment Contracts – What You Need To Know

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Physicians seeking employment are normally required to sign a contract with a prospective employer which states their agreement regarding a number of specific topics. Because these contracts can be very complicated, it is always best to have a physicians employment contract review with experienced physicians lawyers.

Since each employment [...]

HIPAA – What Are Some Common Violations?

Physicians Attorneys in Houston Texas

The Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is undoubtedly a regulation that is well known to all medical practices that work hard to stay in compliance. Yet despite the effort that many practices take to be compliant, some may find themselves in need of physicians HIPAA compliance defense [...]

Doctors Forming Partnerships – Consult A Health Law Attorney

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Partnerships between physicians provide a way for doctors to offer the best services to their patients under more favorable financial and business conditions. Yet the formation of such ventures must be undertaken with care in order to avoid physicians partnership issues that could later cause problems. Creating partnerships [...]

What Physicians Should Know About Non-Compete Agreements

Physicians Attorneys in Houston Texas

In today’s competitive medical industry, practitioners may turn to non-compete agreements to protect their business in the event a physician from the practice leaves. These contracts are important to retaining a permanent customer base; however, they must be carefully prepared with the assistance of experienced physicians attorneys in order [...]

Doctors: New Jack Hustlers?

In Tennessee, eight workers plead guilty to federal drug conspiracy charges.  Two of the workers were physicians.  Federal prosecutors sought an grand jury indictment against the workers for "dealing drugs just like hustlers on the street peddling crack cocaine." Prosecutors say Breakthrough Pain Therapy Center in Maryville, Tenn., was no clinic at all.  It had some [...]


Get a Rx, Even If You Don’t Need It

The Drug Enforcement Administration ("DEA") has linked Dr. Randall Wade, a McKinney, Texas physician, to the deaths of at least six of his patients.  DEA and federal prosecutors allege Dr. Wade was running a pill mill and prescribed massive amounts of  powerful painkillers to patients who didn’t need them.  Dr. Wade was indicted on drug distribution [...]