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What HR Issues Does Your Medical Practice Face?

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One of the biggest challenges that physicians practices currently face is recruiting and retaining the best staff to keep your practice efficient and profitable. Health law attorneys note that practices are busier than ever, which requires attention to regulations in order to comply with ACA and HIPAA rules.


EMT + Fraud = New Residence

On April 24th, two brothers were sentenced to more than four years in federal prison for their convictions of conspiracy to commit health care fraud, health care fraud and money laundering. Kevin Olufemi Davies, 29, and his brother Melvin Olusola Davies, 28, who pled guilty in Dec. 2016, received their sentences.  U.S. District Judge Lynn Hughes [...]

HIPAA and Business Associates – What Are The Implications?

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Confidentiality and patient protection are a critical concern for all healthcare providers today. With strict privacy laws in place, healthcare providers HIPAA compliance is something that every practice and service must follow or face severe penalties. Yet these privacy laws extend to more than just those working within [...]