Physician Attorney Specialties

We are one of Texas’s best Physician Attorneys! We are one of the leading law firms representing doctors in need of legal assistance with their employment negotiations, contract assistance, HIPPA compliance and all other legal needs for your medical practice.  We offer our clients expertise, along with strategic skills, for the creation of practice formation or sale, employment agreements, and contracts. Our physician’s attorneys are known for having a sophisticated understanding of professional practices and individual health law needs across Texas.  We also provide an aggressive defense of your money and reputation before the licensing board.

Employment Agreements

  • Physician Compensation
  • Employment Contract Review and Negotiation
  • Employment Contract Disputes


  • Create a Winning Physician Alignment Strategy
  • Direct Contracting
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Selling a Practice

Business Formation

  • Strategic practice formation
  • Joining practice groups
  • Transaction guidance

Physician counsel and litigation

  • Health care law needs
  • Physicians in health care-related litigation

If you are a physician in need of an attorney we can help!  We can help in forming a medical practice with other doctors or taking new employment at a hospital or clinic.  We provide powerful administrative counsel and litigation services for health care professionals across Texas.  The Stevenson Law Firm, PC, is dedicated to helping doctors across Texas handle a wide range of health law concerns. Call us at (832) 413-5222 today.