At The Stevenson Law Firm, we specialize in physician contract reviews and physician contract negotiation to help navigate physician careers across Texas.  Understanding the terms of employment contracts are imperative in identifying and articulating the value proposition of the potential employment offer or partnership agreement.  We draft and negotiate employment agreements, counsel during employment challenges, and practice mergers.  Physician satisfaction, equity matters, and compensation arrangements are paramount to our clients’ goals.

Our contract review team offers the following services for doctors:

  • Physician Compensation
  • Physician Benefit Advisor
  • Physician Contract Attorney
  • Physician Non-Compete Agreements
  • Employment Contract Review and Negotiation
  • Equity Matters
  • Employment Contract Disputes
  • Employment Contract Review


Doctors sometimes need lawyers to help them understand the terms of employment and partnership agreements.  Before you sign any employment contract or partnership agreement, it is critical to have an employment contract lawyer review your offers.  This helps doctors avoid turbulent financial complications and will ensure a successful medical career.


Our contract review team is key for your financial growth and security. Every physician receives a complete legal review of their contract by physician contract attorneys with an accurate review of the terms of their compensation and benefits being offered to them. The Stevenson Law Firm, PC, is dedicated to helping health care professionals across Texas handle a wide range of employment contract concerns. We also offer a flexible meeting schedule to review with your employment contract lawyer through the negotiation process.

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