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Physicians – What Legal And Ethical Concerns Do You Face?

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If you practice medicine today, you face a number of legal and ethical concerns that can affect the services you provide to your patients. Whether you have your own medical practice or work for someone else, physicians lawyers stress the importance of understanding these issues.

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Suspension for Intoxication

A physician licensed in the State of Texas must comply with the Texas Medical Practice Act and Texas Medical Board ("TMB") rules.  Physicians commit a prohibited practice if he or she use alcohol or drugs in an intemperate manner that, in the medical board's opinion, could endanger a patient's life.  Similarly, a physician who commits [...]

HIPAA – What Are Some Common Violations?

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The Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is undoubtedly a regulation that is well known to all medical practices that work hard to stay in compliance. Yet despite the effort that many practices take to be compliant, some may find themselves in need of physicians HIPAA compliance defense [...]

What Physicians Should Know About Non-Compete Agreements

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In today’s competitive medical industry, practitioners may turn to non-compete agreements to protect their business in the event a physician from the practice leaves. These contracts are important to retaining a permanent customer base; however, they must be carefully prepared with the assistance of experienced physicians attorneys in order [...]