Seeking out solutions to health issues seems to get more complicated each day.  In the morning, reporters summarize a study saying to consume X but by evening, reporters say there is a study saying to do the exact opposite of X.  Consumers wonder what food, supplements and activities can reduce health concerns.  Consumers crave alternative treatments to pharmaceutical based options.  In this context, it should seem unsurprising that pastoral medicine might be on the rise.  What is pastoral medicine?  It’s definition and application are of interest to the Texas Medical Board (“TMB”).

A pastoral medical license is not exactly what it sounds like.  Individuals licensed by Pastoral Medicine Association are not necessarily licensed physicians or healthcare providers.  In some instances, practitioners are diagnosing and treating patients without a license to do so.  Consumers looking for biblical based guidance on their health affairs may unknowingly be subjecting themselves to pastoral intervention only.  TMB has issued cease and desist orders to prevent some practitioners from illegally practicing medicine.

Now, when you ask your healthcare provider about his or her license, be sure to confirm that the license is one issued for actually practicing medicine or nursing.