If your medical license is at risk then you need to find experienced medical license defense lawyers. The Stevenson Law Firm, PC, provides a single resource for medical professionals dealing with medical license defense. In today’s environment medical professionals are facing complicated and more stringent regulations.  Licensed physicians and other health professionals face potential disciplinary actions.  The Texas Medical Board has the power to terminate a medical professional’s license to practice medicine. At The Stevenson Law Firm, if you are a nurse, physician, psychologist, dentist, veterinarian, optometrist, chiropractor, or other healthcare professional we can help if someone has filed a complaint against your medical license.

Who files Medical Complaints in Texas? 

Turns out it could be anyone from a patient, coworker, health care provider, insurance companies, law enforcement, or family members of patients. The Texas Medical Board investigates and enforces all practicing physicians in Texas. Here is a list of common grievances filed with the TMB against medical professionals:

  • Unethical behavior
  • Inappropriate relationships
  • Unprofessional conduct
  • Insufficient health care

The Texas Medical Board and Your Medical License

Your education, life’s work and professional reputation is at stake if a complaint has been filed against you.  Our firm will give you the personal attention your medical license deserves. If you have received a letter from the TMB you should promptly hire an experienced professional medical license defense lawyer. Your response is extremely critical because you cannot retract any statements and inaccurate responses can have severely hurt your license, income, and employment.  It is urgent to get medical license defense lawyers involved immediately after receiving your letter of inquiry.

Protect Your Professional Reputation with Medical License Defense

The Stevenson Law Firm, PC, is dedicated to helping health care professionals who are facing medical license defense. Complaints against your medical license can vary from minor to extremely serious. All formal complaints against your medical license need to be taken seriously. Failure to comply can cause problems to your medical career. You need to take immediate action and find a law firm that gives your case the personal attention it needs. At The Stevenson Law Firm, PC, we can meet with you and discuss your options.  We can help to control the investigative process, hearings, and implement a successful legal strategy with the evidence needed to defend allegations.

At The Stevenson Law Firm, PC, we represent high-performing physicians and other medical professionals for a variety of medical legal services.  We also offer convenient flexible scheduling for you to meet our medical license defense lawyers call us today at (877) 336-3433! We are dedicated to helping health care professionals across Texas handle a wide range of legal needs.