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Whether you are considering an employment agreement, forming a healthcare practice, or subject to investigation related to your license, you need a knowledgeable health care attorney on your side. At The Stevenson Law Firm, PC, a Houston area health care law firm, we are dedicated to protecting the rights of medical professionals across Texas. Having built a practice based on referrals, we have developed a strong reputation among healthcare providers.

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Our current practice is focused on helping physicians, nurses and other medical professionals navigate the complexities of health care law. We handle everything from practice formation and contract negotiations to compliance evaluations. We also provide litigation services for physicians, nurses and allied healthcare professionals who find themselves involved in legal disputes related to breach of contract and license suspension. If you have any health law concerns, consider us, we can help.


After finishing law school, attorney Marcus L. Stevenson worked in the Chief Counsel’s Office for the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration). Working with the Department of Justice, he seized dangerous products from negligent companies. Upon completion of a Master’s of Law in Health Law, he handled transactional work for hospitals, physicians and ambulatory surgery centers.  He also defended physicians, hospitals and nursing homes in medical negligence lawsuits.

Attorney Stevenson expanded his practice to advise physicians on everything from employment contracts to termination issues. He is a frequently guest lecturer at area medical schools where he continues to advise doctors coming out of residency and fellowship regarding employment law matters and compliance issues.  Attorney Stevenson routinely advises hospice providers, home health agencies, assisted living facilities and other healthcare practitioners.  He also advises clients on issues arising out of compliance with the Federal Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act and the ever-expanding disclosure and misuse of patient health information.

Attorney Stevenson also recognizes that injuries happen as a result defective prescription drugs and medical devices.  His clients frequently refer friends and family members who have been involved in auto accidents, commercial and resort diving accidents, or who have been injured from a recalled product.  Attorney Stevenson evaluates the merits of those claims and seeks recovery for those injuries.

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In the past 22 years, attorney Marcus L. Stevenson has handled a wide range of health law, food and drug law, and personal injury concerns for a diverse set of clients. He understands the challenges facing health care professionals today and, more importantly, he knows how to get results.

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