Recently, the FDA) issued warning letters to dietary supplement companies whose products contained an ingredient which is not approved for such use under federal law.  The warning letters were issued to: 1ViZN LLC, Lehi, UT; Beta Labs, Newark, DE; Blackstone Labs LLC, Boca Raton, FL; Brand New Energy LLC, Burbank, CA; Core Nutritionals LLC, Arlington, VA; DSEO LLC, Riverside, CA; Genomyx LLC, Riverside, CA; Iron Forged Nutrition (dba, TGB Supplements), Hopwood, PA; Lecheek Nutrition, Harrison, AR; Nutrex Research Inc., Oviedo, FL; Powder City LLC, York, PA; Prime Nutrition, Boca Raton, FL; RPM Nutrition LLC, Norwalk, CT, and Vital Pharmaceuticals (dba, VPX Sports), Weston, FL.  Warning letters typically provide detail as to why the product is believed to be adulterated, misbranded or otherwise problematic.

Consumers are eager to supplement their diets with a variety of products.  Consumers are not always made aware that the supplements have been manufactured under appropriate conditions and contain ingredients appropriate for human consumption.  Unless there is a formal recall (company initiated or FDA required), consumers rarely learn of how regulatory safeguards have been missed.  Consumers should routinely search for information about their preferred supplement provider to ensure that the supplement provider is operating in a way that promotes consumer health.

FDA Warning Letters: Dietary Supplements, Drug Residues in Animal Tissues