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Physicians seeking employment are normally required to sign a contract with a prospective employer which states their agreement regarding a number of specific topics. Because these contracts can be very complicated, it is always best to have a physicians employment contract review with experienced physicians lawyers.

Since each employment contract is different, every medical doctor has the ability to negotiate the terms of the contract in order to obtain the most favorable agreement with a new employer. Most importantly, a careful review of a detailed contract will ensure that the physician understands what is required of them, any restrictions they must follow, and all other terms that are part of the employment agreement.   

Compensation and Benefits

Physician salaries can vary widely depending on many factors, including experience, specialty, and location. Some employers may offer various types of incentive compensation. Before agreeing to the salary and compensation being offered in any work contract, it is essential that a doctor understand what they are being offered.

Physicians lawyers may be able to offer advice on the fairness of the offer based on the profession; however, due to the many variables that can dictate salary and benefits, every hiring circumstance can be different.

Work Schedule and On-Call Duty

Scheduling and coverage requirements are another important detail that a physician should understand before signing an employment contract. Many employers prefer to leave coverage and on-call requirements vague within such a contract, which can eventually become an issue. A physicians employment contract review serves to point out ways that this vagueness could leave a newly hired physician without much room to negotiate schedules after the fact unless more defined requirements, such as an on-call schedule, are outlined in the contract.

Malpractice Insurance

Physicians must confirm the type of malpractice insurance the hiring practice provides and how it covers them. There are two types of malpractice insurance: claims-made coverage and occurrence coverage. Claims-made coverage is less expensive, so it is offered more frequently. Yet in the event a doctor leaves a practice, claims-made insurance could leave them without essential coverage against any claims. Physicians lawyers can negotiate for the more thorough occurrence coverage.

Termination and Restrictions

Another concern that doctors seeking employment must understand and potentially negotiate is termination provisions. Many practices include a “without cause” termination provision in their contracts and may require incoming hires to sign a non-compete agreement that places certain restrictions on the doctor after leaving the practice. All of this can usually be negotiated to some extent during a physicians employment contract review.

While there are many other points that each physician must consider when negotiating an employment contract, these are a few of the most important areas that should be carefully discussed with physicians lawyers. A thorough physicians employment contract review should be considered a necessary part of the job-seeking process, as it is a chance to obtain the most favorable employment terms. This can result in a more harmonious agreement between the parties and a more fruitful working relationship.

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