Medical License Defense in Houston Texas

Patient complaints are something that every physician may face and require the services of medical license defense lawyers. If you have received patient complaints, you may be subject to a board investigation. Although the chance of being investigated is relatively small, doctors who receive certain types or large numbers of complaints could need help with a medical license defense.

The best way for you to handle investigations due to patient complaints is to work closely with medical license defense attorneys who will be able to help you through the investigation process.

Call Your Malpractice Insurance Company

If you receive a notification stating that you are being investigated, you should immediately notify your malpractice insurance carrier of the situation, especially if you are covered for board investigations. Although it is not a required coverage, medical license defense lawyers recommend that you obtain this extra coverage as it can be instrumental in giving you the best chance to protect yourself if a patient complaint results in a board investigation.

Contact A Medical License Defense Attorney

After notifying your malpractice insurance company, find reputable and experienced medical license defense attorneys to represent you. If would be best for you to work with a lawyer experienced in your state’s medical administrative code and who preferably has prior experience with your medical board. Skilled medical license defense relies on working with attorneys who understand the workings of board investigations and knows what work is involved in the successful defense of any accusations.

Assist Your Attorney in Finding Experts

Once you have found medical license defense lawyers who have the experience to handle your case, help them find the best experts in your medical field who can provide valuable opinions to support your position. You should search for experts based on their published papers, Curriculum Vitaes or CVs, and known opinions on the issue being investigated.

Skilled medical license defense means being able to show the board that your treatments, protocols, and decisions are correct, ethical, and within required laws and regulations. One of the best ways to illustrate this is through the testimony of experts who are respected in your field of practice.

Work Closely With Your Attorney

In addition to helping medical license defense attorneys find suitable experts, be prepared to help them in other ways as well. Help your attorneys understand the scope of the case being brought against you and how you think it should be handled. You can also help them by providing as many references as possible that support your position and decisions.

Be attentive to their needs and also carefully manage your stress levels during this trying time. Understand that board investigations can take a while, so do your best to keep good records and continue providing the highest level of patient care during this period to avoid the possibility of complicating the situation even more.

Ideally, you will never face any type of board investigation or have a need for medical license defense. Yet in the event that you do, stay calm and reach out to lawyers who are experience in medical license defense and can help. By working together, you and your medical license defense attorneys can best present your case to investigational boards to ensure the best results!

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